It’s not easy being me when everything I do seems to go against the social norms. I’m too much or not enough for most people I meet. I find it difficult to know when to stop talking or when to speak up. I can’t find my voice when I need it because I am terrified of rejection. Sometimes I say or reveal things I shouldn’t and sometimes I don’t give enough information. I am afraid of being rejected and disliked because it’s happened every time I’ve tried to connect with someone.

I struggle daily with just the simplest of things…

The Walking Dead begins when Rick Grimes wakes up in a hospital bed to find the world has changed beyond recognition and zombies now roam the earth. Stumbling about at first confused and alone searching for his family he stumbles across a man, Morgan, and his son who explains everything that is going on. From there he travels to Atlanta to find the government checkpoint that was supposed to be there and finds Glen who rescues him from a horde of zombies or as they are calling Walkers.

1. Merle Dixon

Glen is part of a larger group of survivors that includes Rick’s…

In Avatar: The Last Airbender there are four basic bending elements, but what our characters do to expand these elements beyond their basic uses is incredible.

Water Bending

Freezing water

Freezing water is exactly how it sounds. The first time we see this bending style being used is in episode 2. When Katara attempts to freeze the Fire Nation guards. Because she is inexperienced hilariously freezes Sokka, her brother first.

Blood Bending

In Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra there are some characters that have certain impairments or disabilities. Despite this fact they thrive and don’t let their impairments hold them back. In some cases, even their impairments are what make them better in the long run. Some of these characters even go beyond what is expected of someone without disabilities. In this article, I am going to talk about the empowering representation of disabled individuals in Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra and why it is so important.


Teo is one of my favorites. Teo…

Avatar: The Last Airbender delves into some seriously deep themes that go beyond just being a kid’s show. The show is set in a time of war between the three of the four nations and the fire nation being the dictators of the war. There is no peace as long as they have control.

More information

Avatar: The Last Airbender chronicles the adventures of a 12-year-old and albeit goofy kid named Aang who also happens to be the Avatar, the only person able to manipulate all four of the natural elements, air, water, earth, and fire. In order to defeat Fire Lord…

When Taylor was releasing her album reputation I had already heard about some of the things she was dealing with as an avid Taylor Swift fan I kept up with her even during her 3 year break from the spot light. I understood what she was feeling. She was by all accounts “cancelled” by the media, her own friends, and people she didn’t even know. She was in a very dark place. At this time I was being shunned by the group I mentioned earlier for no reason. One of the parents of one of the girls a 65 year…

Have you ever wondered why you are not being read? Have you ever thought your not good enough to write for anyone? Have you ever thought about writing a book but got writers block after the first sentence? Well here is 5 tips to improve your writing.

Tip 1: Use proper grammar

I know this seems self explanatory. Proper grammar is second nature when it comes to writing. When writing a book though proper grammar could mean something different. When writing a book you want the audience to feel in touch with the characters. You want them to feel and hear them speaking and so…

“I remember the drive home when the blind hope turned to crying and screaming why”

Taylor Swift has done a lot for her fans, to say the least. One fan, in particular, stands out against all others. That fan is Maya Thompson. In this article, I will be exploring exactly what sets this fan apart from the others and the reasons Taylor Swift has taken an interest in her and her story.

In 2013 Taylor Swift was casually browsing the internet when she stumbled upon a blog written by Maya Thompson about her son Ronan a 4-year-old diagnosed with cancer. In the blog, she explains about her son's diagnosis and the struggles they have faced…

While your all gearing up for the new school year how about we talk about the safety of the students and the fact that in some schools the teachers, staff, and heads of the school board don’t actually care when it comes to the emotional safety of students. Before you get all worked claiming that I mean every single person in every single school district, that is not what I am saying. …

I am about to discuss a very sensitive subject, a subject in which in some cases is over discussed and in others under-discussed. You will probably go into this thinking “Not another post about bullying.” but please hear me out because it is a subject that needs to be talked about no matter how many people don’t want to hear about it. In order to talk about, I have to reveal a little bit about my experience with bullying. I want us all to understand how important a subject bullying is.

I have been bullied my entire life. From the…

Jessica Kennedy

Hi. I am a fangirl to the highest extent. An avid cat lover. A girl gamer. game of choice is fortnite. Potterhead and Swiftie and others. Writing is my passion.

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